September 12, 2006

to die for zip ups

picked up some new to die for zip ups, featuring awesome artwork by tim hendricks and craola.
theyre not even out on the racks yet, hehe.

mas libros.

we picked up a few new books, including the new obey, the jeremy fish/aesop rock that comes with a 7" record, and a few random graphics books. prove to people you can still read stuff that isnt internet acronyms. lol.
oh yea, for all the internet orders, hugos been onn it lately. we ship usps, and this is whats usually waiting in the middle of the floor:

oh shit were back.

so ive been super lagging on updates. heres some new stuff that weve been feeling.
new stuff from freshjive, weve been super jocking their jackets and hoodies lately, really good quality and interesting cuts/colors. well be picking up more of their stuff soon, too.

also we got a full run of the new temple effectives fall all over print jackets, really interesting designs, and the price is way on point. good for us ballin on a budget, ya know.

we also picked up the VERY limited run of super fucker x yo! t shirts. i stress,.. REAAALLLY limited. printed on the great aa the summer t's that everyone loves so much.
oh yeah, we picked up a few of kid robots FATCAPS, were all super hooked on them.
theres a bajillion other things, but well leave that for another time. hopefully soon,. hahaha.

July 07, 2006

new men and womens 10 deeeeeep

yaaaa we got the new 10 deep in! hot new t's include the human trappers T as modeled by our european wizard, problem solvers 2 in different colorways, AND!!!! 2 new era fitteds! yeaaa boyee- on the girls tip 2 new tops.

ladiesss! upperplaygorund tops

new artist t's for the ladies from upperplayground! way too hot. we also got in the pillows, and some very nice limited edition beach bags with your favorite artists like jeremy fish and sam flores. oh yeh check out the hot reissue of the jeremy fish beanie/scarf set!!!!! damn those bunnies!!!